Activities of the MCFS 2016
January 2016:
Malta China Friendship Society Annual Dinner at the Hotel Excelsior

The Malta China Friendship Society's New Year Chinese Dinner was held at the Hotel Excelsior and was a huge success. The Sizhou Dramatic Theatre Company gave all those present a taste of China with a dance and acrobatic performance.

August 2016:
“How Acupuncture can help Infertility”

The lecture "How Acupuncture can help Infertility" by Prof Pei Jiang, which the Malta China Friendship Society organised at the Chinese Cultural Centre was a success with a good number of people attending.

September 2016:
Wreath Laying Ceremony

The Malta China Friendship Society was invited by the Chinese Embassy in Malta to take part in the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Addolorata Cemetery.  The Committee and Members were represented by the President of the Society, Mr Reno Calleja and by the Administrative Secretary, Ms Doreen Sammut.

"Acupuncture to lose weight"

The Malta China Friendship Society together with the University of Malta organised the lecture “Acupuncture to lose Weight” by Prof. Fu at the TMC Clinic at the University of Malta.  Prof. Fu gave the guests present interesting information about the subject.It was another very successful evening with a very good attendance.

The Hainan Province Song & Dance Ensemble

The Malta China Friendship Society in collaboration with the Safi Local Council and the Chinese Cultural Centre organised a spectacular show by the Hainan Province Song and Dance Ensemble at the Safi Primary School Hall. The Ensemble gave the guests present a beautiful experience of Chinese art and dance.

October 2016:
Bidding farewell to H.E. Ambassador Zai Jinbiao

At the end of his diplomatic service in Malta as Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Ambassador Cai Jinbiao held a Reception during which Mr Reno Calleja, President of the Malta China Friendship Society presented him with a memento on behalf of the members of the MCFS.

November 2016:
Lecture by Dr Anthony DeGiovanni


The Chinese Cultural Centre was the venue of a public lecture delivered by Dr Anthony DeGiovanni on the subject "Understanding Buddhist Images". The speaker presented the sizeable audience with a wonderful explanation of Buddhist imagery, comparing Greek, Roman and Maltese iconography.